General & Preventive Dentistry

Most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile can be avoided with regular care. Our team is committed to answering your questions about proper hygiene and providing you with the most advanced preventive dentistry.

general dentistry

Regular Preventive Care or Professional Dental Cleaning Appointments

This appointment is performed by a registered dental hygienist. The hygienist will remove plaque (soft deposit), tartar or calculus (hard deposit), and stain from your teeth. The hygienist will conduct a thorough, individualized assessment of the person with or at risk for oral disease or complications.  Diagnostic x-rays may be taken to look for signs of oral health issues that may be invisible with a visual examination alone. After the cleaning, the hygienist will polish your teeth to a beautiful shine. You will have all of your questions answered that you may have about the homecare procedures and products. If you have trouble choosing the right toothbrush or flossing effectively, your hygienist can help. Should you develop gum disease, which is extremely common, our hygienist will provide counsel and treatment to control the condition.

Nightguard: Grinding and Clenching

Many people who notice chipped or cracked teeth, but don’t remember when the injury occurred, damaged their teeth while they were sleeping. Grinding or clenching your teeth during the night will cause your teeth to chip, crack and even break. To keep you from seriously damaging your teeth, we recommend a dental appliance called a night-guard, which protects your teeth from grinding & clenching in your sleep. Our team takes great care in making sure you have a proper fit to prevent pain in your jaw joint. Do you suffer from headaches? You may find that a side benefit of your night-guard is headache prevention. Many headaches start during the night, caused by the extreme pressure generated as you grind and clench your teeth. Ask our team about having a night-guard custom created for you.

Emergency Dental Care

Our office provides same-day emergency dental care. If you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort our team can help. It’s never good to put off addressing a toothache or other dental problem, as symptoms can worsen with time.  Common dental emergencies include: knocked-out tooth or dental restoration, chipped, cracked, broken or fractured teeth, damaged dentures, severe toothache.  No matter your problem our team will provide a solution and get your smile back!

Snoring Device

Do you snore?  A custom-fitted dental device developed for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea can help.  Most patients and practitioners prefer oral appliance therapy for its comfort, convenience and effectiveness.  Ask our team if this is right for you.


You may suffer from headaches, a popping jaw when you open or close your mouth, and pain in your jaw joints and muscles. This could signify problems with your Temporomandibular Joint. A healthy jaw joint does not make any noise. Clicking or popping in the joint may be an indication of strain or long term injury. The joint problem may be a result of trauma, complications with your bite, or grinding or clenching your teeth or a combination of these factors. TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, is a condition that affects many people, but the good news is it can often be treated. Based on the severity of your condition, we can recommend a course of treatment that will help alleviate your pain and make your day-to-day activities more pleasant. If you are experiencing or have experienced clicking, popping or pain in your jaw joint, ask our team today if you might benefit from this treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

We want you to feel comfortable and confident about coming to visit us. For those who suffer from extreme anxiety, our office offers Sedation Dentistry as a safe and reliable way for you to feel relaxed. With extensive training in Sedation Dentistry, such as N2O and oral medications, Drs. Kirtley, Stuckwisch & Kirtley offer you the most comfortable experience possible. If you have been putting off years of dental work, while living in pain or with embarrassing oral problems, sedation dentistry can change your life.


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